Why go immersion?


adapted to the level of each individual.


learn English / French via immersion by staying in France.


our prices are very competitive.

€ 80 – € 400

Food and activities included.

In a job market that is globalising all around us, added language skills can make you not only an asset to your company, but also a better participant in your own community.

A language immersion programme will enable you to gain a higher level of understanding, while developing an appreciation of the culture too. Your confidence and language skills will improve enormously as we believe the key is talk, and more talk, in a variety of situations in a stress free and safe environment.

Choosing an immersion language stay is ideal if you have just moved to France or simply for personal development. A perfect solution for busy people as well, it is a fast and fun way to learn a language, whatever your level.

Between friends or with family, learn French

in immersion

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