Private lessons

Private and group lessons: The lessons include an introduction to the vocabulary related to the planned theme, reading exercises, translation, listening, pronunciation and conversation. We especially favour conversation and listening.

The teaching is not transmitted in a traditional way but in a fun way so that each person feels at ease during the lessons.

Each theme determines the content of the grammar taught, which is put in a particular context.

Lessons are tailored to the level and personal interests of each individual.

Students have homework or revision that are the starting point for each course. To ensure progress, a summary of what has been learned is always done at the end of a 4-6 lesson sequence.

For us, it is also essential that an understanding of the culture and civilization of the French-speaking world goes hand in hand with the learning of the language.

Our students are encouraged to listen to information in French, watch original movies and manipulate the language at home as much as possible.

Students can also borrow books in French if they wish.